Kaizenworld Consultancy

Kaizenworld offers management consultancy support and expertise over a range of business activities and specialises in process improvement, lean strategy and operations

Using a practical approach to delivering value whilst bringing unique insights gained in highly sophisticated organisations Kaizenworld aims to create and sustain competitive advantage for businesses through excellence in business processes.

In that context, we are retained to provide support and advice to clients in a wide range of disciplines, e.g. manufacturing, purchasing, logistics, quality, engineering and systems support and development. We work with highly experienced practitioners across a range of competences to deliver integrated improvement projects.

Kaizenworld has experience in assisting management in a wide range of international and local business sectors — including automotive, chemicals, electronics, engineering, food and beverage, printing, transportation, professional services, with involvement in SMEs and multi nationals.

Kaizenworld assists you in introducing and embedding a lean culture into your organisation by providing training and on-site support.


You will find a number of
resources to assist you in your understanding of lean - please feel free to browse our content and let us know if you require anything further.

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