Lean and Kaizen


What is Lean?

Lean is a term used to describe a business system that achieves more, with less resource, by the continuous and relentless elimination of activities (waste) that do not add value to the service or product. Lean applies to any organisation and follows the pursuit of perfection, thus is a never-ending activity. 


Womack and Smith, in their book "Lean Thinking", define lean as:

·      specifying what creates value from the customer's perspective

·      identifying all the steps across the entire value stream

·      making those actions which create value flow

·      using pull systems to do or make only what the customer requires, when required

If you want to know more about what is lean take a tour of our lean glossary or contact us. 

what is lean

What is Kaizen?

Essentially, kaizen appears to be simple and straightforward because it means continuous improvement. However, when we start to ask “what is kaizen”, we start to realise that kaizen becomes a little bit more difficult to sustain when it is introduced into a lean environment where change is required to be continuous and daily. It forms part of the lean culture of your organisation, yielding remarkable results as waste is rooted out, problems are resolved once and for all the value stream is enhanced  and strategic objectives are achieved in a regular time bounded manner within a robust framework. Kaizen underpins your continuous improvement programme.  

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