Muda used to be known as the 7 wastes but in modern times, 2 new wastes have been added:

  1. 1 Waste of overproduction (more than what the lcustomer wanted)

  1. 2 Waste of rework (why make it wrong in the first place?)

  1. 3 Waste of waiting (the units should flow from one process to the next and ultimately, to the customer without any waiting)

  1. 4 Waste of inventory (make it to order and invoice it - inventory has no real value - a sale does!)

  1. 5 Waste of transport (reduce floor place, shrink the factory, reduce lead times)

  1. 6 Waste of motion (unnecessary movements - human)

  1. 7 Waste from the process

  1. 8 Waste of a human being (an example is a machine watcher)

  1. 9 Waste of natural resources (save the planet)

Irrespective of the type of organisation, muda is with you. With the correct assistance it can be identified and removed as part of a lean initiative.


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