Pull System

A pull system is where we stop pushing orders through a system based on inaccurate forecasts and instead couple the system to the customer and focus on the value stream.

We need to know the
takt time, have minimum set-up times, employ 5S and have reliable and consistent processes working to a known standard.

We need reliable procurement and a simple control system that releases supervisors to support the functions to achieve your metrics.

We start to use
kanban and examine level loading (heijunka) and throw in some other terms such as autonomation (not automation!), jidoka, poka-yoke, TPM, QFD to name but a few!

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Without a clear understanding of how the elements interconnect and how to implement them failure is never far away. We will steer you away from the traditional pitfalls and show you how to succeed in your journey to becoming lean and help you introduce a pull system.


You will find a number of
resources to assist you in your understanding of lean - please feel free to browse our content and let us know if you require anything further.

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