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The following documents are purely aide-memoirs and are designed to help you understand what is kaizen and what is lean. If you require further assistance do not hesitate to contact us

Autonomation is automation with a human touch
Heijunka is a Japanese term for a level loading of demand
Jiodoka is a device that will stop a process if an error (defective part) occurs
Muda used to be known as the 7 wastes
One Piece Flow
One Piece Flow is a fundamental element of becoming lean
Generally, poka-yoke refers to simple fool proofing devices that are employed to prevent errors occurring

Problem solving is about getting to the root cause (root cause analysis) of a problem so that it never occurs again

A pull system is where we stop pushing orders through a system based on inaccurate forecasts and instead couple the system to the customer and focus on the value stream

  • QFD - Quality Function Deployment
Generally, called Quality Function Deployment (QFD) it is a method in which the customer is integrated into the design and development process
  • SMED - Single Minute Exchange Of Dies
SMED means single minute exchange of dies and 'single minute' means less than 10 minutes
Standard work is a tool that defines the interaction of the operator and machine in producing a part or the office worker participating in a process
Takt time is calculated by dividing the available time in a day divided by the day's units of sale
  • TPM - Total Productive Maintenance
Generally, TPM is referred to as total productive maintenance but Toyota increasingly replace "productive" with professional

If you would prefer a more comprehensive listing of kaizen and lean terms please refer to the our kaizen glossary


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