What is muda?

Muda used to be known as the 7 wastes but in modern times, 2 new wastes have been added:

  1. Waste of overproduction (more than what the customer wanted)

  2. Waste of rework (why make it wrong in the first place?)

  3. Waste of waiting (the units should flow from one process to the next and ultimately, to the customer without any waiting)

  4. Waste of inventory (make it to order and invoice it - inventory has no real value - a sale does!)

  5. Waste of transport (reduce floor place, shrink the factory, reduce lead times)

  6. Waste of motion (unnecessary movements - human)

  7. Waste from the process

  8. Waste of a human being (an example is a machine watcher)

  9. Waste of natural resources (save the planet)

Irrespective of the type of organisation, muda is with you. With the correct assistance it can be identified and removed as part of a lean initiative.

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