Problem Solving

What is problem solving and what tools do we use?

Problem solving is about getting to the root cause (root cause analysis) of a problem so that it never occurs again.

Flow Chart

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Map sequence of steps and decisions into boxes and diamonds, with arrows showing the flow of the steps.

Make a process visible, find common ground in definitions.

Check Sheet

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Easy and efficient process to collect data.

Accurate and easily collect raw data.

Run Chart

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Display results of measure over time. A control chart is a run chart with upper and lower limits.

Shows performance in sequence of output over time.


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Summarise output into frequency distribution. A bell curve is a bar chart showing natural distribution.

Reveals centring, variation, distribution, capacity and tolerances.

Pareto Chart

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Sorts output measures by category adding % of the whole as a cumulative reference.

Prime tool for prioritising.

Fishbone Diagram

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Displays issues stemming from broad categories to finer details.

Organises causes and effects.

Scatter Diagram

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Displays relationships between two different types of output measure.

Proves or disproves correlation.


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