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What Is 5S?

5S is the foundation of all improvements and is the key component of establishing a Visual Workplace. Both are a part of Kaizen — a system of continual improvement which is a component of lean manufacturing.

A 5S program focuses on having visual order, organisation, cleanliness and standardisation. The results you can expect from a 5S program are: improved profitability, efficiency, service and safety.

The principles underlying a 5S program at first appear to be simple and obvious common sense. However, when implemented in a disciplined manner the above benefits will accrue.
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The Benefits

What types of organisations benefit from a 5S program?
Everyone and all types of business benefit from having a well constructed 5S program. It is usually manufacturing that comes to mind but any type of business from hospitals to professional services and every area or department within the organisation will benefit from implementing a 5S program.
So, what exactly does 5S stand for?

1. Sort
Removing all unnecessary items from the workplace

2. Set In Order
Creating a specific location for everything

3. Shine
Clean the work area

4. Standardise
Standardise the best practice within the workplace

5. Sustain
Never slip back into the old ways

Many organisations experience difficulty in moving beyond 3S but 5S is achievable.


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