Lean Professional Services

A lean professional service business has the same features and characteristics of any other business. The end product may be legal services, financial services, insurance services, advice, management support, drawings or plans.

The process of combining people, infrastructure and processes in an effective manner that produces a value outcome for the customer is just the same as for any business.

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In each instance it is the effectiveness of management in bringing together their resources to convert the inputs in their value creation process to outputs that their customers value in the most efficient and timely manner that makes professional service businesses winners.

A lean philosophy provides management with the framework and tools to achieve optimisation of value by increasing profits and reducing costs.

The main steps to becoming lean in any business are:

  • an aligned vision, strategy and action plan
  • clear and measurable time bounded targets
  • defined internal value streams
  • a relentless focus on eliminating waste and making information and "products" flow
  • embedding a culture of continuous improvement
  • extending the definition of value outside the business
  • striving for perfection in the products and services in all processes and systems

It is the balance of adding value and removing non-value adding waste that provides a business with the capability to grow and increase its profit potential. In this context kaizen can be a very powerful tool to assist you.

Kaizenworld assists you in introducing and embedding a lean culture into your organisation by providing training and on-site support.


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